Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Kaboodle

A few cute videos from Thanksgiving - DSF's sister has the cutest Magnadoodle - no wait, SnickerPoodle - aw shucks, pretty sure it's actually Malty Poo (or is that a stinky poo?). Anyway, here he is and he is sure snuggly...

Up Close with CheeseDoodle

Coming atcha fast

One more time, a bit more slowly

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thinking of Those Less Fortunate on Thanksgiving

A photographer for the Associated Press has been held in Irag for over a year and it appears the US Military will seek criminal charges against him. The thing is, those charged with defending him still don't know what he is going to be charged with so they can't come up with a defense.
Here is the story from the Associated Press on this outrageous case.

Monday, November 19, 2007

New Job = Less Time for Blogging

So I'm on this new project gig and haven't been able to do the posting I would like. It's tuff! I get these great thoughts to share, or see something interesting online but then usually I'm in the office and can't dedicate the time.

Well, that doesn't mean I won't stop trying.

To all of you secular holiday celebrators, I wish you a happy time. May we all be relatively stress free.

Wired: Saddest Cubicle Contest

Oh, what a sad state of affairs for these people!! Take a look at the "Winners" ...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Another good one

Sing Along with Stevie!!!

Isn't She Lovely

(click and listen)

... and no, I'm not talking about me you cad! :)

--- ---- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Isnt she lovely
Isnt she wonderfull
Isnt she precious
Less than one minute old
I never thought through love wed be
Making one as lovely as she
But isnt she lovely made from love

Isnt she pretty
Truly the angels best
Boy, Im so happy
We have been heaven blessed
I cant believe what God has done
Through us hes given life to one
But isnt she lovely made from love

Isnt she lovely
Life and love are the same
Life is aisha
The meaning of her name
Londie, it could have not been done
Without you who conceived the one
Thats so very lovely made from love

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Tamales anyone?

Screw the Hollywood writers... This is how a protest is done!

.... NAKED!!!

(Try this link if the above one doesn't work)

NeatO - Hot Spots in Boston

Though I'm not sure how, my websurfing today landed me on this site,

This page lists public hotspots in Boston that do not charge for internet access. Granted, I don't know how you would look this up and know to go there if you didn't already have a internet access but what the hey, maybe it will be useful to someone.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Rogue Posting

SHHHH !!!! I've got this new project gig - at a huge company and I'm pretty sure the internet policy expressly forbids me to do things like THIS! Posting!!

It's me versus the corporate man!! hahahahahah!

oh no! I must go!! I hear footsteps!!

Until the next post! Live long and prosper!