Monday, October 25, 2010

Fired up and pissed off

At some point in the future I plan to unleash some progeny on this unsuspecting planet. Yes, I'm talking about procreation.

Now, I don't when, I don't know exactly what - boy, girl, alien, whatever - but what I'm hoping for is a positive experience. Not the kind where you go to the hospital with the shit scared out of you because:
1. You have never given birth before
2. There is a weird, though slackening, code of silence among women as to what really goes down
3. Retards tell you to give birth on your back (SO DUMB - ok, technically not speaking from experience, but this isn't rocket science, it's gravity people)
4. Doctors like to do fun things like shoot you up with drugs when you may not want to them to speed the birth or
5. Cut you - yup - to move the process along

Granted there are times when there are complicating issues and the doctors are saving lives - and we thank them for that. I love doctors. But, what I don't love is what seems to me to be a serious lack of engagement by women in the process of pushing out that little screaming bundle. Girls - you need to stand up and get involved. READ EVERYTHING.

Having recently heard the experience described as a "ring of fire" I just don't think I need any further complicating psychological elements like a lack of dignity or respect for the my wishes or an unnecessary C-section or formula being forced on me on the way home ...


That brings me to my next beef. No cute puns here people. I'm talking about you Spencer Pratt.

I live in Hungary. I'm not Hungarian so I don't know if half the shit I read about this country is sensational, true or somewhere in between. But, I'm trying to figure that out.

So I've read things in "The Economist" for example that say all kinds of interventions are common practice - like cutting. Please. For God's sake. No cutting.

I kind of dig some of the things I've learned about lately like having a doula and giving birth in the water or even home birth - less germs, familiar environment, control over choices, no unwanted drugs and the option to go to the hospital if needed.





Um, I don't know what to say... I'm just astonished that this woman is in prison. Intrinsic to her professional role is bringing life into the world. A task to which she has surely proven herself capable.

A doctor who brings life into the world in jail for bringing life into the world?

Deeply saddened.