Saturday, September 6, 2008

Top Ten Ways To Know You're Dating/Married To A Consultant

  • Referred to the first month of your relationship as a "diagnostic period". 
  • Talks to the waiter about process flow when dinner arrives late. 
  • Takes a half day at the office because, "Sunday is your day." 
  • Congratulates your parents for successful value creation. 
  • Tries to call room service from the bedroom. 
  • Ends any argument by saying, "let's talk about this off-line." 
  • Celebrates anniversary by conducting a performance review. 
  • Can't be trusted with the car-too accustomed to beating up rentals. 
  • Valentine's Day card has bullet points. 
  • Refers to lovemaking as a "win-win".

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Obsédée. Je suis tellement obsédée de Emily Loizeau.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A realization

All the time I spent waiting to exhale, it turns out he was too.

This whole shit storm is unbelievable.

Mood today: Incredulous.

Let's see - Hillary preaches sex education and evolution and her daughter went to two top universities then worked at one of the world's top consulting firms ... bad girl!

Palin preaches abstinence education and creationism and her daughter is oh... what? Seventeen and pregnant? What a great example for women and girls everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No "all caps" today.

You know, when I look back at that post from the other day, I think to myself, "Am I bi-polar?"

I wonder if you gentle reader my have asked yourself the same thing?

I'm pretty sure I'm not but hey, I'm no doctor so one can't really be sure. I'm in the middle of thinking about the wording for my invitation and I'm not feeling nearly as frustrated as the other day I'm glad to report. I almost feel like there was some strange initiation that I had to go through in my head to reach the point of calm afterward.

Here's to hoping that I don't sweat the small stuff in the coming months.

By the way, here is my inspiration for my New Year's wedding...