Thursday, January 28, 2010

How did today go from great to suck?

As you may have noticed today started out great - I thought of book title - that is kind of a big deal no?

And, I kind of like that last blog post - pretty good for first thing in the morning sans coffee. But the rest of the day? It sucked big time! real big time!

All it took was two emails. Two negative emails and a stomachache. Deepak Chopra is all about the power of positive thinking ...

Today is one of those days when I feel like I want to completely retract from society.  A day when I feel completely and totally misunderstood. Just makes me want to be a dirty, ugly, stinky writer misanthrope with half drunk cups off coffee laying around and no social commitments or judgment from others to infect my brain and drive me batty. But, I have my marriage to think about and so that just changes it all doesn't it?

Hitler and my pants

It 7 am and I can't find my pants.

I stand there, in Tshirt, scantily-clad bottom and barefeet on the cold parquet floor. Bleary eyed and blinking in the morning sun, it has just crashed upon me like a thunderous and awesome tsunami. That's why I've jumped out of bed, something I've rarely been known to do.

"Thanks, Hitler" I'll call it. That's it, the book title, "Thanks, Hitler" - it opens up whole new pathways in how I can express my voice and this story.

I find my black velvet pajama pants and dark-rimmed glasses and run off to tell my husband who is already up.

And he hates it. "Sure if you want your book to be totally sarcastic," he says.


"Well, I'm writing it down anyway. It's only the second day of this class."

We'll see.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It may be confusing....

to you Dear Reader, to follow the story of my grandparents and my research about them. My apologies for that. I am not posting a complete story of what has taken place in terms of my research process.

Partly, I'm paranoid that if I put too much information on the web, it will cease to be mine. 

Anyway, the latest development came over Christmas. It seems initial information about where my grandmother was a prisoner was not correct. We thought it was Dachau. In fact she was first in RavensbrΓΌck

Today, reading the site, I have found that the memorial site for this camp for women was opened on my birthday (albeit 20 years before I was born)...