Monday, November 23, 2009

Sometimes I think we American women's lib types don't know what we're missing

For example, I just learned today that Munich Airport has special parking for women so that they can be near elevators and entrances in the parking garage. Pretty sure Logan Airport hasn't thought of that yet.

Also, I remember being in the Dominican Republic earlier this year and when we pulled up to the supermarket, there was special parking for pregnant women and for women with small children that was right up at the front. 

Finally, here in Munich they have innumerable bike and walking paths throughout the city, unlike Boston which is hostile to bikers. Well, the paths are separated and the sign that indicates where the walkers should go is a picture of a woman holding the hand of a small child. How sensitive and humanitarian is that? And here we are running all over the world acting like no one knows how to treat women better than we do. PUH LEASE. I think we need to take care of problems at home a bit more. 

May I remind my readers that in Germany working women are eligible for up to two years of paid maternity leave? Yes, two years. I'm pretty sure it's not full pay, but two years is a whole helluva lot better than 3-6 months. Tell me what American working mother wouldn't appreciate that kind of job protection. 

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