Thursday, December 13, 2007

Scenes from a Storm

Wintry Bumblebee

I don't even know where to start! The snow has turned me into a puffy, well-insulated nut running about Boston. I've been inspired to snap pictures all around the city - I don't even know how to begin describing the various encounters that have resulted.

First was the equally well-insulated, seemingly homeless man who was not too happy with me when he surmised he may have ended up in one of my pictures. He was yelling at me from down the street as he approached. There were a few other people around so I assumed he was yelling to them. As he got closer (and as I continued to take shots) it became apparent he was yelling at me.

" 'EY!" he hollered, dressed in midnight blue snowsuit-like puffiness and work boots, carrying a few grungy grocery bags in one hand... "CAN I ASK YOU A QUESTION?!!!" I turned and looked over my shoulder and back at him again. Not really able to see much with my gigantic furry black hood obscuring most of my peripheral and forward vision... "CAN I ASK YOU SOMETHING" he dared confront from the center of the snowy street to me on the sidewalk.

I looked at him and lowered my camera. "WHY R U TAKIN' MY PITCHR?" Yelled the homeless Mr. T ... again.

"I wasn't." I said flatly.


"Sir, " I said matter-of-factly, " I did not take a picture of you. I took a picture of the snow."


Hmm I thought. He's rhyming. Time to leave. And so I spun about my heel and tromped merrily down the street, only looking over my shoulder once!

Here he is, such a lovely man...

Homeless Mr. T 'n Me

And then there were the happy lesbians. I was just standing there minding my own business filming the traffic jam on the corner. The lights had changed, oh, I dunno, four.. maybe five times to no avail for those poor gas guzzling oil addicted saps sitting in their idling automobiles cursing mother nature and their lack of control over her and all the natural resources she so lovingly gives... BUT I DIGRESS!!!

Anyhoo, the scene was a relatively calm one given the circumstances, and then the ladies with comfortable shoes and no hair exited the door of their sidewalk-side apartment, took a look around and, with hands on bulky hips, proudly and loudly declared, "We live here! Haahaa, we don't have to go anywhere!" I mentioned my role in the scene and invited them to show their pride in my video... Enjoy!!!

(NB: the vid is a little long - note the traffic lights ...)

A few moments later while shuffling down the sidewalk I tipped my head down to brush the snow off the top of my hood when suddenly at my feet another set appeared, coming in the opposite direction!
"Oh," I exclaimed and looked up, drawing my ginourmous hood back a few centimeters.
"Girl!! You better watch where you're going!" Said a uh ... gentleman a few years younger than myself.
"Oh! I'm sorry!! " I sort of half laughed and shrugged.
"Girl you better look where yuh going." He stopped. "You look good ... but you better watch yusself."
Uh... awwwkward.... I feel awkward!!
"You look real good girl" he said slowly this time.
Okay! Time to go -run!!! And so again I spun around and I scurried off ...

And then there were the sitings. Like this one. No, it isn't a wintry action flic being filmed. This is the DPW man stuck, plow, sand truck and all, in the snow. Why he had to get on top of his truck to remedy the situation I don't quite understand. Be stand on his truck he did. The best part was when some winter plebe tried to back up too close and the very deep voiced Mr. DPW started yelling from atop his perch, hands all a waive,

"Don't hit my truck! Yuh too damn close! Y'ain't gunna make it!
Doghn't hit my friggin truck!! "

A final parting shot ...

Lord knows when I think of Mother Nature and all of her abundance, I think ...

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