Friday, January 11, 2008

George Bush in the Middle East

For awhile now I've envied people who seem to have volumes and volumes of current events and other political data stored in their heads. I marvel at their capacity to take one small fact and link it back to a profound understanding of greater political strategy.

But me, the only thing I'm consistently good at in this genre is conspiracy theorism, only inasmuch as it puts a sinister spin on the goings-on of my least favorite people, of course. And wouldn't cha know, I just happened to find some fodder for my sensationlist ways. The subject is one of my favorite buffoons, Monsieur Le President des Etats-Unis (accent marks omitted) Georgie Porgie.

Here is a map referenced in an article by Le Monde that shows where His Most Esteemed is chillin' these days. Today he is in Israel, yesterday in Palestine and so on and so forth in his multi-day itinerary in the Middle East.

I wonder what he's up to?


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