Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mideast press & George Bush's visit

This source is similar to the last posting but gives a few more examples of what media in various mid-east countries are saying about Stoopid's visit to the region.

Mideast Media Cool on Bush Tour

BBC Monitoring Newsfile - Jan

This is a compilation of broadcast and press material on US President George Bush's trip to the Middle East, available to BBC Monitoring by 1500 gmt on 11 January 2008.


As US President George Bush moved his tour of the Middle East on to the Gulf States on 11 January, regional media coverage of his visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories, as well as his trip in general, on the whole remained negative in its tone.

Palestinian commentators appeared to be satisfied on the whole with Bush's statements outlining his ideas for an Israeli- Palestinian settlement, although expressed concern over whether he would be able to guarantee an equitable deal in the face of Israeli opposition.

Opinion in the wider Arabic-speaking Middle East was much more critical. In particular Bush's suggestion that Palestinians renounce their claim to right to return to Israel was greeted with hostility and accusations of continued US bias towards Israel.

The Israeli press was divided in its assessment; some commentators were well-disposed towards Bush's ideas for peace, although one expressed dismay at the US president's demand for a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders.

Commenting on Bush's trip to the Gulf States, newspapers in the region voiced hostility about US arms deals.


Palestinian press commentators remained hopeful overall following President Bush's visit to the West Bank on 11 January. Most continued to praise Bush for his advocacy of a two-state solution, although some warned him that the US would have to remain vigilant to prevent Israeli resistance from eroding its substance. However, one writer accused Bush of selling the Palestinians "illusions and tranquillizers", while a pro-Hamas paper simply dismissed him as a "clown".


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