Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hola my people

What's on the brain today... mm.. well, there has been some positive kismet floating around me lately which is strange but welcome.

Like, I mused the other day I thought that I would like some flowers for my office and the next day my colleague brought in potted plants for all. It died a week or so later unfortunately.... luckily I didn't kill my boss's fish while she was traveling though...
  • Also, recently got together with some friends I lurve...
  • I had wished for my computer to be more robust and 20 minutes later I was asked by our ops coordinator if I would like to be the first to have my computer upgraded (course then my IT person never showed for our appt... but this detracts from my story :)
Something else happened... oh, a client reappeared for a challenging project I'd love to work on... meeting later this week...
  • Found a cheap train ticket to visit a friend in Philly
  • Wished for a trip and got one - to Toronto - DSF's co flew me to his location instead of bringing him home - that was fun
  • Got up the guts to ask a writer if I could ghost-write something... that's ballsy - I haven't even had an article published yet - who cares! I can learn :) (it's on the culture of oversharing no less... hmmm, what do I know about that?)
  • After getting slightly harassed AT THE POLLS by an immature college student for my voting choice, my candidate won my state in the primary - SHOCKER - I thought I was the lone supporter - apparently not :)
Had someone post on the blog about law school advice a few days ago - that was really something - I wasn't prepared for feeling connected to their pain - I hope they muddle their way out of the pain of that experience - 

Anyway, I should be sleeping and DSF just walked in so I think I might connect with another human real time (even if he's breaking my peaceful vibe by being chatty.. I'll grant him this I guess :)

Ah... he's in the WC ... I have another moment with you dear reader!!! This whole "culture of oversharing" concept that I've just heard of is pretty interesting. While I've oft considered myself to be an egregious Oversharer, I think I might be way more reserved than a lot of other blogging counterparts - for one thing, unless I've sent you the link to my blog, you probably don't know my name .... I haven't told you EVERYTHING everything....

okay.. more on that later.

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