Monday, October 26, 2009

Hindered by Kindern

It seems ironic that once a gal hits her stride, professionally, personally, etc, she is then confronted with what to do regarding children.

Have them and a career and hire someone else to watch them? Or have them, leave the career and watch them herself?

Of course people will say you can work part time. But, we all know that once you do that, your career is on the sloooowwww track if on any track at all. Or you can take some time off and go back to work. But even when you go back to work, the kids are still there with sniffles and coughs and lunches to pack and school breaks and sports practice and music lessons. And chances are, mommy is still the first person who gets a phone call when little Suzie needs to go home early. 

And so, really, once you have children, unless you are of the disposition that you can severe the emotional connection and outsource the decision making and hands-on rearing, you're basically fucked.

Happy Monday!

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