Monday, October 26, 2009

Wet phones, FB and fixes

Have you ever dropped your cell phone in the toilet? Or maybe you put it through the washing machine? Getting your phone wet pretty much means it's no longer going to be of any use to you. UNTIL NOW!

You just never know what you are going to find on Facebook. A recent series of posts turned up these tips on salvaging your water (or other liquid!) soaked cell phone:

1. Bust out the hair dryer:
That's right. Say you've just finished fishing your phone out of the toilet bowl. (Hopefully the bowl only contained water at the time.) Towel off the water, take out the battery and apply the heat directly to the phone and the battery for at least five minutes.

2. Heat lamps aren't just for warm meals:
Yup. That same device used to keep your food warm can also save you the cost of replacing your phone! Put the phone under there and cook off the H2O.

And my favorite.....

3. Rice bowl:
You heard it here first. Take the battery out and put all the phone parts in a bowl of rice! Yes! A bowl of dry rice! How resourceful!!

Just make sure you do all of this pretty quickly after the phone gets wet. In desperate mobile matters such as these you have to act fast! Time is of the essence!!

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