Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The constant reminders of terror

It's late, and I'm very tired but, we're trying to decide about whether to take an apartment in Budapest, soon to be our new home.

It's a big place, the apartment itself is well restored, some beautiful architectural details, original hardwood floors, interior courtyard, though, much of the building needs renovation - the common areas have clearly not been touched in over 40 years.

I was curious about a building across the street - it seemed sort of emptyish but not altogether abandoned.

I typed in the address of our unit and searched on Google maps to see if anything came up across the street. Nothing on the map directly.

I searched on just the street name of our address, again on Google maps, and this time I added the word 'terror.' When I came out of our (potential) building last week, I saw a plaque on this other curious building - the engraving was entirely in Hungarian - except I could make out the word 'terror.'

I found out what this place was just now:

Here is one photo to give you an idea:

It is actually a hopeful story from the time of WWII and the slaughter of so many Jews. But, still, somehow, the unexpected discovery of this in my daily life saddened me greatly.

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