Friday, July 2, 2010

Mambo #5 in München

Being Sommer, I've been wearing shorts around the Haus, which I would never do in public. Today I happened to catch a glimpse of my leg while walking past the mirror. I saw a new little dimple which sent me into that fantasyland where one thinks a little bit of plastic surgery can return one to their former 22 year old glory. And with that, I was inspired to write a poem - I think the tune will be obvious:

A little bit of lypo
On my thighs
A little bit of botox
In my eyes
A little bit of saline
In my boobs
A whole lotta plastic 's what I'll use

Now seems like a good time to emphasize a mantra I've recently adopted. And that would be, "My glass is half full" - or was that my face?

Also, as a very random aside - Lou Bega is from Münich? Who knew!

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