Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Damn, the world changes fast

I saw this on a site called flux and it took me forever to figure out what it said:

!'M W@!+!N6 4 U 2 COM3 @ND G3T !+....WH@+ R U W@!+!NG 4* ! !

Dear Sweet Fiance is telling me that that this is actually "l33t speak" which is used by hackers/mega geeks who want to use a secret language to avoid having what they are saying detected by whomever's website they've put it on.

He even indicated to me to check it out here:
Wiki on Leet Speak

Apparently, those who are into videogames also love to use it because they think it's cool to be able to write something really incomprehensible to another person.

Hmm, I guess this assumes one is using a videogame in which you type to other people.

Just the fact that I have to write a blog entry about this is evidence of how hopelessly out of touch I am with the times!! OMG! Help!!!

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