Monday, October 1, 2007

Guidebooks on the Go ....

Oh, gasp. I was loathe to accept that the magnificence of good guidebooks could be threatened by technology - even despite the fact I do most of my trip planning on the internet and I found the laptop infinitely helpful on my trip last week.

And, I was even more loathe to think that Lonely Planet should be bought out by the BBC!!!

But alas, it is true. The BBC now has a controlling stake in one of the few media I still believed held an objective viewpoint. I have to admit it. I didn't use Lonely for their information on travel... ever. And even their guidebook in Miami was rendered somewhat ineffectual when compared to what we found online. And yes, I have used Trip Advisor over and over and over again. Yes, I have an account there and have marked my "traveled to" locations with great zeal (which reminds me I have to add Miami).

It is a true sign of the changes in technology and travel when Lonely Planet goes digital. Though I fear the BBC will change it, I am thankful for what the balanced guidebook itself did for independent travelers everywhere ...

Perhaps this new model will lend itself to more accurate reporting on things like websites and phone numbers. Let's hope the BBC doesn't adopt the dirty practice of accepting compensation for recommendation.

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