Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Guilt complex and Blogger's Block

So, I haven't posted much since I got back from Miami and I feel really guilty.

Why haven't I been posting, you ask? For a couple of reasons. Firstly, I read you should really try to make your posts substantive as a way to show respect for your reader. You should use good grammar and punctuation. You should reflect thoughtfully upon that which you are about to write before putting it out there.

Reading this of course made me feel guilty. Maybe what I had been writing up to this point was a little too impulsive in nature (not surprising given my personality) and grammatically imperfect (I began to doubt my use of the parenthetical). Dear Reader, I must confess, it is only because I want to do right by you that I haven't been writing!

Secondly, I actually want to pen a short article on my South Beach trip but I've been procrastinating on that, too.

[Pause: hold on, I'm brushing my teeth ...]
Ah, alright, minty fresh. Wait ... Miami. So... um, ah, yes, I remember. My first reason coupled with the second has basically resulted in posting paralysis. Guilt about the way I post has led to no posting at all.

Wait...what's that? Yes, I can hear you, dear Reader! Despairingly you ask, What does all of this mean for me? Is Decade Four doomed to failure after just a few short, albeit wonderful, weeks?!

Fret not beloved audience of 7 unique visitors!! I RESOLVE TO DO BETTER! I will produce quality posts, posts of which I can be proud! Posts of which my mother would be proud (except that sometimes I swear and English is her third language. I often feel she doesn't really get the unbelievable wit and irony that I so expertly spew.).

Anyway, it is Ye, the Reader, the completes Me, dee Blogger, and though I may face analysis-paralysis, fight procrastination and suffer feelings of deep insecurity, sleep peacefully, dear Reader, because I shan't abandon you.

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