Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Miss South Carolina is Redeemed!!

Miss South Carolina gives a geography quiz!

I like this response. Even though I still don't like her head bobble and that wahooahah thing she does with her voice, I'm happy that she's taking things further than yesterday's "all I have to do is go on TV and state that I know I looked like an idiot and everyone will applaud" approach. If she has a PR rep who is responsible, I have to applaud their creativity.

Way to jump on the geography band wagon.

NB: I totally failed the quiz...

Miss SC quiz


sweet fiance said...

I agree, this quiz was very tough. I got 3/7, but I think two of those answers were due to lucky guessing. I only knew one of them.

She does certainly sound a lot smarter reading these questions, but they're so tough that it looks like another poorly masked publicity stunt.

. said...

Who is this crazy comment-leaver "sweet fiance"?

I have received multiple posts from this person - clearly intelligent, seemingly male ... do I have a cyber-stalker?