Tuesday, August 7, 2007

How I Love Suze Orman, Let Me Count the Ways

I can't get enough of Suze Orman. She should win the "Nobel Prize for Empowering Women" for what she does for women and their relationship with money. I just caught one of her shows on NHPTV (www.nhptv.org) and I was moved to part with $365 for the 'free' gift.

Here's what it is comprised of:

To demonstrate my allegiance to her cause and to the good of all women, I will expose my debt levels with reckless abandon. Deep breath ... here goes.

Student Loan 1: $ 30,000 @ 7%
Student Loan 2: $50,000 @ 2.5%
Credit Card 1: $1,200 @ 7.99%
Credit Card 2: $750 @24.99%
Savings Account: $4,474
IRA: $3,000
Credit Score: 680 (estimate)

"No shame. No blame." Suze Orman

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