Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Posting Update: "How I Love Suze Orman, Let Me Count The Ways"

In response to this post, I have to say that I'm out of my head.
How I Love Suze Orman, Let Me Count the Ways ...

Why on earth did I think, after watching a whole program on how to keep your money in your pocket, that it would be a good idea to drop 400 bucks on money management books???

I just found out that due to an administrative error my payment was not processed - Hooray!! For kicks, I comparison shopped on Amazon.com the products Suze Orman included in the kit that I almost bought and it added up to only $145 worth of stuff!! I almost spent $365!! I suppose I would've been contributing $220 to New Hampshire public television but still - what a rip off! And you know what really makes me mad? On TV she said, "I'm not selling this anywhere else, I wouldn't lie to you!" Grrr.

The only thing that can explain the unexplainable behavior I engaged in is brainwashing. Nope. I couldn't be responsible for impulse buying. Yup, I was sucked in by Wiley Suze and her sidekick, Hypnotic Hair.

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