Sunday, September 23, 2007

Miami Vice

Tubs and Crockett we are not, but go to Miami and be bad asses (sp??) we will.

Since I won't be posting during this week, I just wanted to leave you with a few special images. This way, you'll still have the option to reminisce in your mind after you've hit refresh for the 50th time and are overcome with deep sadness at the realization that I really meant it when I said I wouldn't be posting this week.

More Miami Vice fodder for your internal musings. Melanie Griffith, what is up? Sometimes I think it's a shame that she's had so much surgery. On the other hand I think, eh, I'm a bit bored with my face already. By the time I'm her age, it could be fun to approach a new day at the plastic surgeon's office with that "Choose Your Own Adventure" kind of attitude. She's goes in looking one way, but halfway through the surgery, the doctor can choose - butt chin or cheek implant? Pouty lips or permagrin? When she wakes up, she giggles with surprised delight at who she has become!! Never ever the same thing twice! Then again, maybe this is just the unavoidable outcome of a life full of red Ferrari convertibles and cigarette boats.

Before and After ... oiy!!

Btw, if you speak German and are psycho, then this is the site for you: - they claim they are "Die N. 1 Fansite!!!!!"

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