Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Best Kind of Obscenity

Okay, what the helllll is going on in airfare right now? I just read a special being run by Spirit Airlines that will pay you to fly.
Yes, pay you to fly.

Homie say what?

Here's the offer I see on travelzoo - I've booked a jillion flights through the zoo so I know it's legit. I just wish I had a reason to book a flight in Feb by midnight tonight to the locations they list.

See it here

If anyone books a flight, let me know how it went.


Molly said...

The Bush administration is totally behind this. I know it. Or some sort of free-enterprise-run-amok personal tracking and identification conglomerate secretly scans your dna or something like that when you board the plane. Or, they will let you on the plane, but you have to wear a skirt down to your ankles and a top that covers your wrists and chin.

. said...


I love you!!!