Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Most Pretentious Award: ParYorkers

Paris, New York, Wall Street and all - who's the fairest of them all? Do you love NY AND adore Paris? Do you have difficulty choosing between a Hamburger and Steak Tartar? Is it Frites or Freedom Fries?!?! Sick at the thought of deciding which boeuf is better?

Stop your chain smoking right now! The remedy for your bi-metro angst has arrived!!

The aptly named airline L'Avion, (airplane in French) caters to the "ParYorker" (pear eee ...) That's right. Life doesn't have to serve as a constant reminder of your lack of jingoistic commitment. You can have a new beginning. You can pledge allegiance to the bleu blanc rouge.

From the site:
Etes-vous un Paryorker ?
Être un Paryorker, c'est être un Parisien installé à New York ou un New-Yorkais à Paris, ou juste une personne qui voyage entre les deux villes pour son travail, sa famille, une passion, et surtout, son plaisir !

Are you a Paryorker?
To be a Paryorker is to be a Parisian residing in New York or a New Yorker in Paris, or just someone who travels between the two cities for their work, family, passion and above all their pleasure!

Wondering who the hyper-chic are? Meet them here

Oh, God, how thankful I am for this relief. I have suffered under the tyranny of loyalty to a single sovereign. My affinity for cultural superiority and small apartments finally has a name.

Liberté, Egalité and Justice For All.

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