Monday, September 17, 2007

Le Weekend

What a great week. Besides enjoying birthday dinners, spa treatments and presents, the weekend brought a reunion of sorts with friends I've had for more than two decades. We hauled ourselves up to Maine. And it was truly the way life should be.

Kennebunkport Center lent itself to some good eats. The boys sampled steamed clams while the girls opted for the divinity of Ben and Jerry's.

Ogunquit provided a new twist on that old classic, environmental friendliness.

Once we arrived at Wells Beach, it was hello sand and bye bye shoes.

Later, the boys got to huntin' themselves some Herbert Walker Bush.

The serenity of the beach washes over us.

We came, we walked, we got sandy feet.

Momma and her gestating bun take a stroll.

The triumvirate discovers the frigidity of Maine's September waters.

Weary and satisfied from a day's worth of Tom Sawyer impressions, the troupe lazily returns to civilization.


Molly said...

Anh...makes me miss New England...

Maurica said...

good friends, good times, good life...the big 3-0 ain't so bad, eh?