Monday, September 3, 2007

My Friend and Seaweed

Well, rather than keeping the celebration to one terrifying day, my new decade is being heralded in already. Yes, in anticipation of the BIG THREE OH NO, a dear pal treated me to a spa day this Labor Day weekend.

First disclaimer: I love my friend. She is very neat. I love her presence and her presents.

Continuing along then ...

Just wanted to touch on the spa treatment situation. Here are some interesting tidbits.

1. My entire naked body was painted green - front and back - by a man.
Yes, I was invited to completely disrobe in a dimly lit room whilst soft music played in the background. Subsequently, a man whom I had never before met, painted me head to toe with a brush. This happened in the middle of the day on a normal city street.

2. Did I mention I was naked and painted green by a man I didn't know?

3. It took over an hour.

4. My skin smelled like ambrosia (nothing like seaweed).

5. Most of the clients who frequent this salon are men. Need I emphasize that they were all quite handsomely groomed and clearly utilize the services of an expert waxer?

6. Due to the sexual persuasion of my treatment-giver, the enjoyment was likely one-sided.

7. I want to do it again.

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