Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Predictably Uninspired on the Eve of the Big Three Oh No

Boo. The weather sucks today. Rainy, cloudy, dark, pretty much all day.

And now the sun is going down.

I think the weather has had a pretty strong effect on my mood today. Of course, there is that one other factor... tomorrow is the day... Black Wednesday.

The drama.

Why is it that, on a day when you're a bit glum, you place a glass-half-empty interpretation everything possible? It's sort of like 12-18 hour regression into teenage angst. I'm too fat, I'm too in debt, in the wrong place in life, etc etc (okay, I didn't worry about debt when I was a teenager... but it would've made my moodiness more substantive don't you think?)

I'm going to go watch internet TV and eat chocolate.


Molly said...

Happy Birthday, Eve! Have a gigantic everclear Margarita for me! First of all, you are very tiny--I have never heard anyone not describe you as little; second of all, you have gone into debt over really important things, like travel and other mind-broadening events which have given you your fantastic perspective; third of all, you have come to some very excellent professional and personal conclusions lately, and I laud you for them. In short, you rock. Period.

Molly said...

...I meant Happy Birthday Eve!, since your name is not Eve ;)